I have received an entry ban

An entry ban means that you are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands or most other EU countries. If you do so, you are liable to punishment. The Dutch government can impose an entry ban on persons staying illegally in the Netherlands. An entry ban is imposed in the following situations.

  • Your visa or residence permit is no longer valid, and your departure deadline has expired
  • Your residence permit application has been rejected
  • You submitted several applications for a residence permit but did not meet the conditions
  • The IND considers your application for asylum to be clearly unfounded
  • Your residence permit has been revoked

Objection or appeal

You can always object to or appeal an entry ban. The entry ban must not contravene international human rights conventions. Moreover, you may be exempted from an entry ban in certain circumstances, which include the following.

  • You are too weak to travel
  • A relative is too weak to travel
  • You have family members in the EU

Contact us

Have you received an entry ban, or have you been notified about a pending entry ban? Contact us as soon as possible.