Immigration law for private individuals

Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers helps private individuals and businesses with legal issues surrounding immigration. Mr. Jasbir Singh himself came to the Netherlands from India in 1972. Over the past 25 years, he has specialised as a lawyer in immigration law with a focus on private individuals.

Living, working or studying in the Netherlands

Do you want to come to the Netherlands to live, work, study or stay with your family? Or do you wish to bring family members to the Netherlands for family reunification? In all these cases, we can help with the following.

  • Applying for a short-stay or temporary residence visa
  • Applying for or extending a residence permit
  • Appealing against a rejected visa application or a revoked residence permit
  • Legalisation of documents

Want to come to work and live in the Netherlands as an expat? There are several factors that need to be considered. If you wish to enter as a highly skilled migrant, entrepreneur or investor, you can qualify for certain attractive residence permit schemes. Bear in mind, however, that if your employment situation changes, it may affect your residence permit and your family members.

You can read more about these topics further on. The legislation on immigration is very complex and there are numerous exceptions. In some cases, EU legislation on immigration policy can provide an alternative when Dutch immigration policy offers no options. We are here to help you, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss the possibilities.

Private individuals

  • My short-stay visa application has been rejected

    Has your application for a visa or residence permit been rejected? If so, you have just 28 days to appeal this decision. If you need a visa immediately, you can request a court to assess your case as a matter of urgency. Contact us today to discuss your options. Find out more
  • I want to apply for a residence permit for my family

    Do you live in the Netherlands and would you like your family members to come here from abroad? There are several options available to them when applying for a Dutch residence permit. In most cases, family members with a residence permit may also work in the Netherlands. There are various schemes and exceptions. Find out more
  • My residence permit has been revoked

    If your residence permit has been revoked, you must leave the Netherlands. You have just 28 days to appeal the decision. Has your residence permit been revoked? Contact us as soon as possible. Find out more
  • I want to apply for a permanent residence permit

    You must submit your application for a permanent residence permit with the IND (Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service). You need to meet various conditions. For instance, you must not have a criminal record. Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers is familiar with all the schemes and possibilities and will be happy to assist. Find out more
  • I want to extend a permanent residence permit

    If you possess a permanent residence permit, you must extend it every five years. Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers can help you. Has your residence permit expired, or is it about to expire? Contact us as soon as possible. Find out more
  • I have received an entry ban

    An entry ban means that you are not allowed to stay in the Netherlands or most other EU countries. If you remain, you are liable to punishment. Have you received an entry ban, or have you been notified about a pending entry ban? Contact us as soon as possible. Find out more


  • I want to work as a highly skilled migrant

    Highly skilled migrants can make use of the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme. This is a fast and relatively simple procedure for knowledge workers from outside the EU who want to live and work in the Netherlands. Our experience in this area ensures that the procedure does not take longer than is strictly necessary. Find out more
  • I want to apply for an EU Blue Card

    The EU Blue Card is a work and residence permit for highly educated migrants from outside the European Union. Although the conditions for an EU Blue Card are stricter than for the Highly Skilled Migrant Scheme, the card offers several interesting advantages. Find out more
  • I’m an entrepreneur and want to set up a business in the Netherlands

    There are various schemes for independent entrepreneurs, artists and athletes who want to set up business in the Netherlands. Our assistance is not limited to legal support but encompasses all other aspects to ensure a soft landing and help you hit the ground running. Find out more
  • I want a residence permit linked to an investment (Golden Visa)

    Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers is familiar not only with European legislation on investor visas but also with the European investment climate. Portugal, Greece and other southern European countries are currently very favourable to investors. Find out more
  • I want a Dutch Working Holiday Visa

    Young people between the ages of 18 and 30 from Canada, New Zealand, Australia or Argentina can stay in the Netherlands for up to 12 months for holiday and work experience. No residence permit is required. This scheme is known as the Dutch Working Holiday Visa. Find out more
  • I’m an expat and my employment situation has changed

    Dismissal or termination of employment can have major consequences for expats and their families. A residence permit might be revoked, and taxation advantages may also lapse. Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers can find out whether the dismissal was lawful and will offer sound advice. Contact us today. Find out more