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Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers in Hoofddorp are ready to help everyone who needs legal assistance. We believe that legal assistance should be accessible to everyone. That is why you can always come to us for a free consultation. Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.

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If you have a legal issue, naturally you want to know where you stand. You want someone who can represent, advise, guide and defend you. Someone with the right legal expertise, who takes the time to listen to you. A lawyer who communicates with you in understandable language and who provides clarity about rates and invoicing. Because legal issues can be complex.

Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers. We’re here to help

If you’re looking for the right lawyer, you’ve come to the right place. Our lawyers work together on cases so that you benefit from high quality and thorough expertise in every legal field. Whatever your legal issue, you can always count on our team’s expert advice. We assist you quickly and effectively, and help you defend your rights.

Accessible office in the centre of Hoofddorp

Our office is located in the centre of Hoofddorp and is easily accessible by car or public transport. We help individuals as well as companies.

Fields of law

Administrative law

Do you have a conflict with the government? Do you disagree with a government decision, for example a zoning plan, permit or subsidy application? Or are you suffering damage because of a government act?

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Contract law

Do you or does your company need help entering into, drafting or terminating an agreement? Or has there been a wrongful act and the resulting damage has to be compensated? We are at your service.

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Corporate immigration law

Are you an employer and do you want to recruit employees from outside the European Union? Are you interested in a Golden Visa (a residence permit for investment)? Or are you an entrepreneur who would like to set up business in the Netherlands? We are experts in corporate immigration.

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Criminal law

Are you a suspect in criminal proceedings and are you looking for a lawyer to represent you? Or are you a victim of a crime and would you like to receive compensation for the damage suffered? In both cases, we are happy to assist you.

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Debt law

Unfortunately, it happens regularly that despite your efforts or those of a debt collection agency, a debtor does not pay on time, only pays partially or does not pay at all. If you do not want to leave it at that, you can submit your claim to the court.

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Debt Rescheduling Act, WSNP

Do you, as an employer or employee, have a problem in the area of social services? Or are you entitled to a benefit or provision but it is not awarded, or it is withdrawn or reclaimed?

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Employment law

Whether you are an employer or an employee, whether it concerns an employment dispute, imminent dismissal, illness and reintegration or drawing up an employment contract – we are at your service.

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Family law

Are you planning to separate? Do you have a conflict with your ex-partner about alimony or access arrangements? Do you want to change your name? Whatever your situation, we are at your service.

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Immigration law

Would you like to live or work in the Netherlands, but you have no residence permit? Has your residence permit been revoked or your visa application refused? Or do you want to bring relatives to the Netherlands? Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers are specialised in immigration law.

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Inheritance law

Following a death, the estate of the deceased must be determined and divided. This often raises a lot of questions. An independent expert can assist in this process so that everyone knows exactly what he or she is entitled to.

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Liability and insurance law

Negotiating with insurers about liability and conditions is often an uneven contest. Whether it concerns contractual liability, damage through wrongful act, accidents or damage through defective products, we help both individuals and companies to claim their rights.

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Personal injury

We help in matters such as:

  • road accidents
  • medical errors
  • industrial accidents
  • product liability
We can also help you get a second opinion.

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Second opinion

Do you have legal expenses insurance? And would you like a second opinion on a settlement proposal from your legal expenses insurer? Contact us as for a free consultation. We will be happy to assist you.

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Social security law

Do you, as an employer or employee, have a problem in the area of social services? Or are you entitled to a benefit or provision but it is not awarded, or it is withdrawn or reclaimed?

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Tenancy law

Would you like to have a tenancy agreement drawn up or reviewed? Or would you like to have the rental amount reviewed? We assist both landlords and tenants in all tenancy-related matters.

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SinghRaaijmakers Jasbir Singh portret

J. Singh (LL.M.)

Practice areas: General legal practice, specialised in immigration law & administrative law

SinghRaaijmakers Mark Raaijmaker portret

M. Raaijmakers (LL.M.)

Practice areas: Family law, tenancy law, social security law, criminal law, pro bono, WSNP & debt law

SinghRaaijmakers Warsha Ramhit portret

Ms. W.R.S. Ramhit (LL.M.)

Practice areas: General legal practice, with emphasis on family law and liability law

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