I want to transfer a non-European employee to the Netherlands to perform specialist work (International Trade Scheme)

Under certain conditions, the International Trade Scheme allows companies to transfer foreign employees to the Netherlands to perform specialist or managerial work without requiring a work permit for non-EU nationals (TWV). This scheme covers international trade, services and cooperation, including collaborative projects and the supply of machinery or software. In some cases, training programmes or business meetings may also be covered.

Conditions for the International Trade Scheme

  • The project should last for a maximum of three years
  • There must be a demonstrable relationship between the company in the Netherlands and the company abroad
  • The project must involve employees, clients or managing directors coming to the Netherlands to perform specialist or managerial work
  • Competitive work must not be involved. In other words, the transfer should not concern so-called priority labour supply. The nature of the work as well as the nature, duration and value of the project itself will be considered

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