Social security law

A wide range of social security laws and regulations apply in the Netherlands. This area of legal practice involves regulating laws and the responsibilities of employers, employees and self-employed people with regard to illness, disability and unemployment benefits. The growing number of government laws and regulations in the last few years has complicated social security law. Both employers and employees may experience issues with social security law and the services related to it.

Social security law includes:

  • Work and Social Assistance Act (WWB)
  • Disability Provision Act (WVG), currently Social Support Act (WMO)
  • General Child Support Act (AKW)
  • Young Disabled Persons Act (WAJONG)
  • Social Security Supplements Act (TW)

National Insurance Law comprises:

  • Unemployment Act (WW)
  • Disablement Acts (ZW, WAO/WIA etc.)
  • General Old Age Pensions Act (AOW)
  • General Surviving Relatives Act (ANW)

Perhaps your benefit or service has not been assigned. Maybe it has been withdrawn or has been subject to reclamation. It might be that your entitlement period has been shortened or you have been instructed to pay a fine. The plethora of government rules and regulations in this area can make the situation very complicated for those involved. Whatever the issue, our lawyers are here to help.