Contract law

How is a contract interpreted? What rights are regulated by law and what must parties lay down themselves? Does my company have adequate general terms and conditions?

Contract law includes sales contracts, contracts for services, general terms and conditions and agency contracts. Within the Netherlands, contract law is a specialisation which falls under property law.

Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers advise companies and management boards on entering into, drafting and terminating contracts. Naturally we also review existing contracts and advise on the risks of these contracts but also the opportunities they provide.

In addition, we advise on establishing or enforcing security rights.

Contract law also covers wrongful act (also known as tort). Wrongful act is described in Section 6:162 of the Dutch Civil Code (BW). This provision states that a person who commits a wrongful act against another person is obliged to compensate the damage suffered by the other person as a result of the wrongful act. The success of legal action arising from a wrongful act depends on five requirements: unlawfulness, accountability, damage, causality and relativity. Causing damage to another person or property therefore includes the obligation to compensate for that damage.