Hourly rate

As with most law offices, Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers does not apply fixed rates. The rate per lawyer varies from €135 to €300 an hour, excluding VAT and expenses. This is a standard rate within the legal profession. Depending on various factors, this rate may be higher or lower. For example, the fee can be affected by:

  • Urgency
  • Required knowledge
  • Financial interests of a case
  • Your financial means
  • The end result

Fixed amount

We also use all-in prices whereby you receive an indication of the total costs in advance.

Collection rate

For collecting claims, we use the following percentages for out-of-court proceedings, except when other price policies apply. These percentages are based on the actual amount collected. We can also offer you a combination of hourly rate and commission percentage. A no-cure-no-pay price agreement is another possibility. The point of departure is always that the debtor pays the costs.

For the first:€ 2.949,5715%
For the additional amount up to:€ 5.899,1410%
For the additional amount up to:€ 14.747,868%
For the additional amount up to:€ 58.991,435%
For the additional amount above:€ 58.991,433%

Remaining charges and costs

It is possible that, apart from the regular legal fees, other expenses may be incurred, such as court and excerpt costs. We make an estimation of these costs beforehand.
The general terms and conditions of Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers apply to all our services.