“I’m committed to standing up for people who are faced with difficult situations through no fault of their own. My goal is to work efficiently towards a legal solution so that the client can start to put a painful chapter aside as soon as possible.”

About Ms. W.R.S. Ramhit (LL.M)

Education: VU University Amsterdam (Civil Law)
Lawyer since: 2007
Practice areas: general legal practice, with emphasis on family law and liability law

Ms. Ramhit studied law in Amsterdam and previously worked for a Leiden law firm operating in and around The Hague. As a practising lawyer, Ms. Ramhit has extensive experience with legal proceedings, particularly in the areas of family law and general civil law. Her civil practice mainly involves matters pertaining to liability law. Ms. Ramhit strives to actively guide her clients through the legal jungle by drawing on her in-depth knowledge and experience, while adopting a solution-oriented approach.

Family Law

Ms. Ramhit graduated in divorce law and is a highly experienced family law attorney. Family law includes separation, divorce and all related issues, such as:

  • Child and spousal support;
  • Parental plan;
  • Division of assets;
  • Prenuptial agreement settlement;
  • Pension rights;
  • Drawing up a mutual divorce agreement.

Change of name, care and supervision orders and visitation rights also fall within the remit of family law. Ms. Ramhit possesses the necessary expertise to furnish you with sound advice and will attempt to ameliorate your situation as quickly as possible.

Liability Law and Personal Injury

Liability law is concerned with personal injury or damages, for instance as a result of workplace incidents, as well as traffic accidents and medical treatments that go wrong. It also covers issues affecting victims of crime.

Frequently asked questions by clients include:

  • I have had an accident at work and have sustained an injury. What do I do?
  • I have been involved in a traffic accident and I don’t agree with the standpoint of the other party’s insurer. What steps should I take now?
  • I am the victim of a medical error. How do I get the doctor or the hospital to pay me compensation?
  • I am the victim in a criminal case. How do I claim compensation?

Ms. Ramhit works closely with you to establish the culpability of the other party. She then determines the extent of the damages incurred, including:

  • Material damage, such as a damaged car, bicycle or clothing;
  • Non-material losses (indemnity for personal loss or injury that you have suffered);
  • Loss of earnings due to the events having halted or limited your ability to work.

Ms. Ramhit would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have via a non-binding consultation at our office. If you are unable to attend the office, Ms. Ramhit will visit you at short notice so that she can start building your case without delay!