“Insight into character is very important”

Mr. Singh knows what it is like to move to a foreign country. In 1972, he arrived in the Netherlands from India. A different culture, he didn’t know the language and knew no one. Today, Mr. Singh has over 20 years’ experience in legal practice and holds a specialisation in immigration law. For Mr Singh, insight into personal character and a thorough knowledge of the law is what it is all about: “You can best help someone if you understand what motivates him. You can take full advantage of all possibilities only if you know what someone truly thinks.”

J. Singh (LL.M)

Education: University of Leiden (Civil Law)
Lawyer since: 1992
Practice areas: general legal practice, specialised in immigration law and administrative law.

Immigration law

By understanding people’s circumstances and motives, you are in a position to provide them with the best help available. If you are aware that back in the home country a whole family is depending on the person who is trying to settle in the Netherlands, it changes your perspective. Mr. Singh therefore strongly believes in a personal, solution-oriented approach. It has proved highly successful: Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers has developed into one of the largest immigration law firms in the Netherlands.

Problems or disputes with the government

In addition to immigration law, Mr. Singh is also specialised in administrative law and has many years’ experience in this field. Do you have a problem or dispute with your municipality, province or water board? Or perhaps with an administrative agency linked to these bodies? With his characteristic personal, result-oriented approach, Mr Singh has settled many cases to the advantage of his clients and would be happy to assist and advise you in your case against a government agency or independent governing body.

Pro bono

A lawyer often deals with people who are in a vulnerable position. They may have no connections and sometimes do not possess the financial means to pay for legal representation. Mr. Singh sets a lot of time aside for pro bono cases to help people who are stuck in an unfortunate situation and in urgent need of legal assistance.

Relations with India

The Indian community is one of the largest expat communities in the Netherlands. As India is one of the world’s strongest emerging economies, an increasing number of Dutch entrepreneurs are discovering that the country can be a rewarding trading partner. Although Mr. Singh has lived in the Netherlands since 1972, his ties with his mother country are still very strong. He is recognised as a leading figure within the Dutch Indian community and maintains close contacts with the subcontinent and authoritative Indian parties. This makes Mr. Singh the right contact person for anyone who aspires to develop business relations with India, a role that he performs with the same passion and commitment as his work as a lawyer.