Liability and insurance law

Society is becoming increasingly complex and litigious, which means that liability law is becoming ever more relevant, as are questions about insurance cover.

Whether it concerns contractual liability, damage through wrongful act, accidents or product damage, expert assistance is required when negotiating with an insurer. If you have suffered damage, first you have to find out whether someone can be held liable for it. If so, determining the damage and the level of compensation has to be negotiated with the liable party, usually through their insurer, in a manner that does justice to your situation.

You may also have recourse to an insurance policy that you took out yourself. It may be that the insurer does not provide cover in specific cases, which could lead to a conflict. Often the discussion with an insurer about cover is an uneven contest. If no settlement can be reached with the insurer, we can start legal proceedings on your behalf. Our firm has specialist knowledge that enables us to provide the best possible assistance to individuals and companies.