“For every problem, a solution!”

The above statement typifies how Ms. Kouvarnta (LL.M) works. Legal disputes cannot always be prevented, unfortunately, but when faced with a legal problem, she will work closely with you to find the best solution. Ms. Kouvarnta bases her approach on a solid legal foundation, without ever losing sight of practical matters.

About Ms. Kouvarnta (LL.M)

Education: Bachelor of Laws, Bachelor of European Studies and Master of International and European Law
Lawyer since: 2015
Practice areas: tenancy law, employment law and social security law

Legal aid

Ms. Kouvarnta has extensive experience in providing legal assistance. While studying European Studies and International Public Law at the University of Amsterdam, she worked as a legal counsel in civil law practice at a legal expenses insurer and continued after graduating, putting in a total of seven years. 

Employment law, rent law and social security law

Since 2014, Ms. Kouvarnta has been associated with Singh Raaijmakers Lawyers as a practising lawyer. She has a general legal practice and primarily focuses on employment, rent and social security law. Ms. Kouvarnta represents both employers and employees in legal matters, including dismissal, transitional allowances, terms of employment and sick leave. 

Negotiating, advising and litigating

Tenants and landlords can call on her as well, not least in cases of rent control disputes and rent adjustments. From negotiating and advising to litigating, you can rely on Ms. Kouvarnta who also regularly takes on pro bono cases for those who cannot afford legal assistance.

Contact us free of obligation

Are you currently faced with or likely to experience a legal problem? Ms. Kouvarnta would be happy to assist you. Call +31 (0)23 651 790 or email her at j.kouvarnta@singhraaijmakers.nl for a non-binding appointment.

Ms. Kouvarnta (LL.M): “Together, we will solve your problem!”

“Janna luistert goed naar de klant, is energiek en doelgericht en streeft ernaar om alles er uit halen wat er uit te halen valt.
Janna is vlot en actief en vat gelijk de stier bij de hoorns!
Janna, ga zeker vooral zo door!!”

Denzell H.

SinghRaaijmakers Hoofddorp portret Janna Kouvarnta
Zaak behandeld door
Mw. mr. J. Kouvarnta

“Janna is vriendelijk, correct en houdt van korte lijnen. Ze houdt goed contact en is benaderbaar. Zij heeft mij ook zonder afspraak te woord gestaan. Janna beantwoord e-mails snel.”

Bert S.

SinghRaaijmakers Hoofddorp portret Janna Kouvarnta
Zaak behandeld door
Mw. mr. J. Kouvarnta